Glossary of Terms

Asterisk – Implementation of PBX on whose backbone our system is built

AGI – [Asterisk Gateway Plan] – Interface through which external programs control the dial plan

BRI [Basic Rate Interface] – ISDN configuration made out of 2 voice/data channels and 1 signaling channel

CLI [Command Line Interface] – Interface for interacting with the system using a command line

CSV [Comma Separated Value] – File format where columns are separated by comma ‘,’ and rows by new line

DHCP [Dynamic Hosts Configuration Protocol] – Protocol for assigning different IP address to a device any time it connects to a network

DID [Direct Inward Dial] – Inbound line for dialing system destinations directly without the need for an operator

DNS [Domain Name Service] – Service which translates Internet domain names into IP addresses

DTMF [Dual Tone Multi Frequency] – A specific frequency consisting of two separate tones sent by UAD/Phone each time a key is pressed

DynDNS [Dynamic Domain Name Service] – Service used by clients on dynamic IP addresses which allows them to be contacted regardless of their current IP address

E.164 – Up to 15 digits international public telecommunication numbering plan. It consists of $COUNTRY_CODE + $NATIONAL_CODE + $SUBSCRIBER_NUMBER

IAX [Inter-Asterisk eXchange protocol] – Protocol for server-server or server-client connection

ISDN [Integrated Services Digital Network] – Digital voice and data transmission system over telephone wires

IVR [Interactive Voice Response] – System that manages incoming calls by playing available options and catching user response (pressed digit)

LAN [Local Area Network] – Communications network limited to immediate area

LCR [Least Cost Routing] – Diverts the calls to destination via the cheapest provider

WAN [Wide Area Network] – Geographically dispersed telecommunications network

MAC [Media Access Control] – Unique code (fingerprint) assigned with network devices

NAT [Network Address Translation] – IP packets rewriting technique used by multiple hosts on a private network to access Internet using a single IP address

PBX [Private Branch Exchange] – A smaller version of telephone company switch

PIN [Personal Identification Number] – Four digit security code required for accessing restricted system parts such as Voicemail, Enhanced Services, Conferences etc…

POSTFIX – Mail Transfer Agent used for routing/sending of system emails PSTN [Public Switched Telephone Network] – The traditional, plain old telephony system

PRI [Primary Rate Interface] – ISDN configuration made out of 23/30 voice data channels and 1 signaling channel

RTP [Real-time transport protocol] – Internet standard for transporting real-time data (audio and video)

SIP [Session Initiated Protocol/Session Initiation Protocol] – Signaling protocol for Internet telephony

SMTP [Simple Mail Transfer Protocol] – Protocol used to send and receive email

UAD [User Agent Device] -Telephone

TTL [Time to Live] – Time in milliseconds system will wait for the response

Zaptel – Computer telephony hardware driver

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