The fax window displays all faxes received by EdgelessPBX and the ones transferred to remote systems as well


This screen lists all faxes received by EdgelessPBX with the following details

  • Delete
    With the Delete button you will remove the selected fax from the list
  • Download PDF
    Download the selected fax as a PDF file
  • Download TIFF
    Download the selected fax as a TIFF file
  • From:
    Extension number from which the fax was sent
    (ex. 032445231)
  • Destination:
    The Email address to which the attached fax was sent. If the extension number is displayed here, the fax is sent to the email address associated with the extension
    (ex. email@domain.com|1001)
  • Date/Time:
    Date/Time fax was received
    (ex. 04 May 2007 12:48:12)
  • Pages:
    Number of pages in the received fax
    (ex. 1)
  • Size:
    Fax size in KB
    (ex. 14KB)
  • Sent:
    Shows whether the fax was sent remotely or not
    (ex. The red icon indicates local and the green one indicates the remote fax destination)
  • Box used for download/delete fax actions(ex. Select this box and click ‘Download’ button to download the selected fax)
    (Option button)

Remote FAX

These options allow EdgelessPBX to transfer all incoming faxes to other systems. In order to do so, be sure to set the following options under the incoming DID (‘Destination’=’Fax to Email’, ‘Value’=’remote:fax’) and then provide the necessary remote system information here as follows

  • Remote EdgelessPBX:
    The IP address of the remote system that is to receive the fax
  • Remote Port:
    Port on remote system used for communication
    (ex. 10001)
  • EdgelessPBX Username:
    Remote system daemon username (‘Settings: Servers: Edit: Daemon Username’)
    (ex. admin)
  • EdgelessPBX Password:
    Remote system daemon password (‘Settings: Servers: Edit: Daemon Password’)
    (ex. pasd7f9)
  • Remote Fax Number:
    Extension number that will be displayed as fax sender.
    (ex. 032445231)
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