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        • Panasonic KX-UT-670

          Price: $499.00
          6 SIP accounts
          7-inch, color touch screen
          100 entry phonebook
        • Panasonic KX-UTG-300B

          Price: $379.00
          6 SIP accounts
          5-inch color backlight LCD
          24 programmable keys

          • Panasonic KX-UTG-200B

            Price: $269.00
            4 SIP accounts
            3.5-inch 320x240px color backlight LCD
            Paper label free
          • Panasonic KX-UTA336b Expansion Module

            Price: $199.00
            Add up to 36 extensions per expansion
            Dual-color LED in key for line status information
            Compatible with multi-USB device

        • Panasonic KX-UT248-B

          Price: $248.00
          6 SIP accounts
          4.4 inch 4-level grayscale graphical LCD
          Paper label free
        • Panasonic KX-TGP500

          Price: $215.00
          8 SIP accounts
          2.1 inch LCD with white backlight
          Cordless Handset