The Basics

The Basics

The Basics: A Quick User Guide

Download the Tri Fold User Guide on the Documents page

Dialing or Making Calls:

To place a call we provide a few methods, here are two:

  1. Dial desired phone number, them hit SPEAKER, or pick up handset
  2. Press Desired user/speed dial button, then pick up handset. Or remain on speaker.

Transferring calls:

Once call is answered you have three options for transfer.

  1. Park and Notify, simply press the AUTO PARK key, the system will advise on which park the call will be placed. Once you hear the notification press the TRANSFER button. Then find the users button, and press it. Notify them of the caller on park and its location. Hang up.
  2. Supervised Transfer, simply press TRANSFER button then the desired users' button. That user will answer, notify them of the incoming call. Hang up or press END CALL on screen.
  3. Blind Transfer, simply press TRANSFER then desired users button and hang up or press END CALL on screen. The call will forward if unanswered to the users voicemail.

Voice Mail:

There are two ways to access voice mail.

  1. Press the Message key on the phone or the scree. Enter your voice mail PIN from your welcome email.
  2. Use your web browser to navigate to the Online Self Care Portal. Enter your email address and the PIN provided in your welcome email.

Voice mail greeting set up steps:

  1. Press the MESSAGE key, or dial *123 fillowed by #.
  2. Enter your PIN, from your welcome email. Press 0.
  3. Record your UNAVAILABLE greeting and OWNER NAME.

Call Recording:

You may, on demand, record on going calls. Simply press the RECORD button on your phone. When done recording press RECORD again. Listen/Download recording from Online Self Care Portal.
NOTE: All recordings are erased from the system in six weeks, from recording data. Please download to your workstation.

Group Answering:

If you are a coverage agent to a ring group, dial *8# to answer the groups incoming call.

Conference Calling:

Each phone can support a three party conference.

  1. While on call press the CONFERENCE button, dial new number hit send or #.
  2. Once connected to second party, press the conference button again.
  3. Repeat steps for third party.

Conference Bridge: (Multi party conference room)

Each PBX has a conference bridge at extension 5000. User access default password is 1234.

  1. Simply transfer the caller to extension 5000.
  2. Dial directly to extension 5000.
  3. Dial direct number, if PBX is equipped.

Online Self Care Portal:

Access Call Records/ Voicemail Actions/ Extension Options
Find Me Follow Me/ Access Recordings/ Admin Features

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