About Us

About Us

Company Overview

Edgeless is a leading telecommunication solutions provider in Oklahoma, and has been for more than a decade. Edgeless has thrived throughout the constant flux of the telecom industry; working with all of the technological advancements and revolutions that have proliferated in the last decade. A single constant has remained - people's need for a technology partner that can provide a system that best fits their requirements and Edgeless's commitment to serving them.

Edgeless has always been committed to delivering the highest levels of service, reliability, and technology to its customers. Edgeless effortlessly connects people to the latest innovations through its highly trained staff and strong alliances.

As your long-term partner, Edgeless will not only customize a cost effective unified solution to your company's individual needs, Edgeless will remain a source to assure your future success and long-term productivity. You can depend on Edgeless to connect you with premier service, solutions and the most cutting edge telecommunications technology.

Edgeless Hosted PBX is known for providing award winning hardware backed, by industry leading software. A world class enterprise PBX features set and account managers. We manage everything for you. Edgeless PBX provides rich features that other plain-Jane VoIP providers don't offer. We offer many telecommunications services and options, one size doesn't fit all. Please send us the info request, and allow an account manager to contact you to discuss how Edgeless Unified Communications can get you where you want your business communications to go.

Here are some of our core offerings:

          • Feature Rich Hosted PBX
            Local and Toll Free Numbers
            Unlimited Long Distance
            Virtual Call Center
            On Site Survivability Options
            LAN Dased Solutions
            Supporting 1-1500+ Endpoints
            Paging Interfacing
            Access Control and Security Integration
          • SIP Trunking
            Super Trunks 50-100 Channels
            QoS Over Our Nationwide MPLS Network
            Award Winning Hardware
            BYOD-Bring Your Own Device
            Softphone Support
            Voice Conferencing Services
            Video Support
            VoIP Fax Services

All Your Employees On a Unified Solution!